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With a focus on the EFQM model, our idea for modern employee communication was already born in 2002 by the think & do tank at the Schindlerhof.

The system, which has been permanently developed by valido - think & do tank together with the Schindlerhof team and existing customers in practical use, is used by more than 750 small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, banks, law firms, associations, medical institutions, cities and municipalities / municipal enterprises, schools and associations in 120 countries - to support transparency, networking and optimal services.

The excellence company Schindlerhof, Winner European Quality Award of the EFQM & four-time winner of the highest German quality award of the LEP initiative, leading conference hotel in Germany as well as Germany's best employer at Great Place to work 2013 and 2018 - cross-sector up to 500 employees - is also a special award winner Knowledge & Competence thanks to valido.

As one of the market leaders in our segment, valido supports companies in connecting existing technologies and people - for more success in the company.

With the valido-acadamy, we convey innovations that have been tested in practice and offer companies online trainings, hybrid conferences, strategy workshops, on-site kick-offs as well as the implementation & realisation of our system in your company.

valido – think & do tank @Schindlerhof

We create optimal framework conditions for modern employee communication



With the valido-academy, we convey innovations for modern employee communication that have been tested in practice in a pragmatic, simple way.

Our conviction and experience shows that internal communication & information in the company and its results contribute significantly to the economic success of every company and at the same time turn people into involved and motivated employees. We aim at HEART-WORK - not HARD-WORK.

"Tell me, and I will forget" - this is how various agencies, consultants or start-ups have to teach their subject matter ...

"Show me, and I will remember" - is our motto. Our statements are credible and always tested and field-tested at the Schindlerhof. That is why the basis of our Academy is primarily the Schindlerhof - the Centre for Business Excellence.

"Involve me, and I will understand" - If you wish, we can support you with our team in the implementation, realisation and supervision of the system in your company.

We offer companies online training, hybrid conferences, strategy workshops, on-site kick-offs as well as the implementation & realisation of the system.

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Practical experience with the system at Schindlerhof since 2002


Implementation & use in more than 750 companies in 120 countries




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Online trainings & webinars

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We convey innovations proven in practice as tools for holistic corporate management in a pragmatic, simple way.


Telephone & Webex trainings of the system responsible persons and relevant contact persons of your company.


On request, we support your team in the implementation and realisation of the system in your company.


Regular INSIDE meetings & workshops with existing customers (system managers, specialists and data protection officers) at the Schindlerhof to exchange experiences & jointly further develop the system.


Online trainings, hybrid meetings, strategy workshops, on-site kick-off, implementation & realisation, INSIDE meetings.


European Quality Award

The Schindlerhof is the first German winner of the highest European quality award.

Winner & Special Prizes (Customer Focus and People Orientation) of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM):

European Role Model on People Development and Involvement (with the system as an essential component).


Ludwig Erhard Prize

The Schindlerhof is a four-time winner of the highest German quality award (German EFQM Excellence Index - Platinum).


Great Place to work

The Schindlerhof is Germany's best employer in 2013 and 2018, cross-industry up to 500 employees and thanks to the system also special prize winner "Knowledge & Competence".

GPTW Europe 2018 - 15th place in Europe.
Best employer in Europe for 6 years.

With a focus on Employer Branding and Employer Value Proposition (EVP), valido makes a very important contribution to strengthening the employer brand and employee satisfaction. In 2018, more than 300 trainees from the EU applied for 10 vacant training positions at Schindlerhof.


Special award 2018 for personnel management that promotes human potential

Great Place to Work & Human Capital Club to Schindlerhof Kobjoll GmbH.


TOP SERVICE Germany 2019 and 2020

Customer orientation as a success factor. TOP 10 B2B

For the second time in a row in 2019 and 2020: 2nd place for Schindlerhof - companies with excellent customer orientation, outstanding customer loyalty and unique service quality

The Schindlerhof has been successfully using the system for over 10 years for internal communication and information of employees as well as for external secure interaction with customers and partners.




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Against the shortage of skilled workers: The Schindlerhof strategy.


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